The Cascade Polka (and the Low Polka)

I was listening to some session recordings in the car the other day, as you do, and up comes a track I recorded last fall at a house session. A couple friends had come to the area for a visit and so of course a session was hastily organized in their honor. We had a blasht drinking drinks (N.A. for me!), eating schnacks, and playing tunes. These two lovely musician friends sound so dang good together, and the recording in question is my favorite from the evening. What really got it firmly lodged in my head, such that I could not remove it, was that I could NOT for the life of me find where the bloody “one” was. I have since located it, though this tune plays tricks on my brain cells and I often hear the one a beat early. You may know what I mean once you hear it. Hint–the first note you hear in most recordings is the 4 of the previous measure.

I’m such a nerd.

It took some TunePal gymnastics to find the name of the tune (play the recording from one phone into an old phone with TunePal installed, a dozen times, both A and B parts, until it hit on it,) but eventually I found the titles–The Cascade Polka and The Low Polka. An interweb search didn’t yield much for The Cascade, but I did manage to find the following Bandcamp page online, on which a track of the tune and another called “Billy O’Mahony’s” can be bought for a euro. A little info from that page:

The Cascade is composed by accordion player Timmy O’Connor from Tureendarby, Newmarket. Timmy is a local treasure and the Monday night session has continued due to Timmy’s dedication and willingness to share his music with people who come play at Scullys. The second tune is called after another local musician Billy O’Mahony. The two tunes are long married and one is rarely heard without the other.

(By the way, as noted above, the composer of the Cascade is from Tureendarby, and The Tureendarby Polka is one we learned at the LVISS from Dan Foster.)

Finally–here’s a link to the recording that I made–It’s Crystal Bailey on fiddle and Patrick Cavanagh on accordion, recorded last fall.

Patrick said to let you all know that…

…the Cascade is written by Timmy O’Connor (as mentioned above-ed.) and the Low is by John Walsh, both from the Newmarket area of Cork.

Sliabh Luachra abú!!!

The Cascade Polka/The Low Polka


The Coachman’s Whip

This is another one of those “I’m obsessed with this tune at the moment” posts. Listening back to some recordings I have made of sessions I’ve attended, I ran across The Coachman’s Whip in the middle of a set. Here’s a version of that tune and another tune I love called The Moneghan Twig, followed by The Torn Jacket.  Enjoy!