An Fonn Fidle is Déanaí–Micho Russell’s Reel

I rarely hear it played at sessions, but Micho Russell’s reel is a really nice tune, very “dancy” yet very pretty at the same time, if you get my meaning. I guess what I mean is it has a lot of internal movement, but it also lingers on some notes which gives it, to my mind, that “dizzy” or “spinning” feeling. Don’t ask, that’s just how my neurons roll.

Specifically in the A part, there’s a great opportunity for a treble or roll on the G note, and this pattern repeats 6 times within each repetition. It’s fun to mix it up creatively between trebles and rolls, or to throw in a single long note in place of the triple. That’s one reason I like playing this on fiddle lately–not only is it a really great tune, but it gives lots of chances for practicing various ornaments. And boy, do I need that practice!

The B part offers plenty of chances for similar practice. Here–I’ll let Kirsten Allstaff from The Online Academy of Irish Music teach it to you:

And here’s Himself:

Plenty more on YouTube!