You can bet we’ll play some of the following sets at each session, so if you’re new and slightly overwhelmed by the number of tunes you have to learn to catch up–don’t worry!  Here’s a great place to start!

(Hint: left click to hear, or right click to download each tune’s sound file.)

Pipe on the Hob/Kitty Lie Over (The Frost is All Over) (jigs)

The Kesh/Morrison’s/Tripping Up the Stairs (jigs)

Kitty Lie Over/Lilting Banshee/Tatter Jack Walsh (jigs)

Hole in the Hedge/Jimmy Ward’s/Old Hag You Have Killed Me (jigs)

Ned Coleman’s/Gander in the Pratie Hole/Old Hag You Have Killed Me (jigs)

Whistler at the Wake/The Old Flail (jigs)

Pipe on the Hob/Geese in the Bog/Gander in the Pratie Hole (jigs)

The above set played continuously by Ted

My darling Asleep/Out on the Ocean (jigs)

Chrisry Barry’s #1/Christy Barry’s #2 (jigs)

Star Above the Garter/The Lisheen/Rathawaun/Hare in the Corn (SLIDE MEGA SET!)

Jenny Picking Cockles/My Love is in America (reels)

Far From Home/Eel in the Sink/Last Night’s Fun  (reels)

The Boyne Hunt/Rolling in the Ryegrass/Red-Haired Lass (reels)

Fred Finn’s/The Road to Lisdoonvarna (reels)

The Red Haired Lass/Last Night’s Fun (reels)

The Boyne Hunt/Castle Kelly/Far from Home (reels)

Castle Kelly/Sally Gardens/Mulvihil’s (reels)

Red Haired Lass/Sporting Nell (reels)

The Glass of Beer/Sporting Nell (reels)

Na Ceannabhan Bána/Winny Hills of Leitrim/Redican’s Mother (slip jigs)

My Mind Will Never Be Easy/Arragh Mountains/Na Ceannabhain Bána (slip jigs)

Egan’s/O The Britches full of Stitches (polkas)

Lucy Farr’s/Teelin’s (barndances)

The Galway/Cronin’s (hornpipes)

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