An Port is Déanaí–Bunker Hill

Bunker hill is a rousing reel which I first heard played by a couple of young folks on the Comhaltas website. I can’t embed the video, but you can watch it here:

Here’s Portland, Maine band The Press Gang playing it along with Gathering Sheep.

Northeast Tionól, 2013

ImageIf you’re a piper or fiddler, you will probably already know about the Northeast Tionól, held annually since 1986 in East Durham, NY. This year’s dates are 18 – 21 October. I have friends who go, and they say that even if you’re not a piper or fiddler, you can still go just for the craic. You would not be attending workshops and classes of course, but by all accounts there is a good deal of music making outside of that which is worth the trip.

There’s still time to register this year, I believe. If your interested, visit