Love at the Endings

yesterday Corey taught us a lovely reel called Love at the Endings. What a great title, eh? This tune was written by Ed Reavy, and is played far and wide. I have heard two different versions, generally, of the B part. Listen and compare these videos to the recording Corey gave us at the session.

Love Feargal:

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and one of my favorites–Anthony Quigney, EdMcMann, Noel ryan. Their album “A Clare Conscience” is unbelievable.


The Kerryman’s Daughter (The Fisherman’s Lilt)

This week Kira taught us a great reel which she called “The Kerryman’s Daughter.” I found it referred to as “The Fisherman’s Lilt” as well. (Find Kira’s version of the tune on the TUNES page of this website!) We had a little discussion about whether the B part is played through once or twice, and we have heard versions of both ways. Played once, the length of the B matches the length of the A, but the B sounds great doubled too, leaving the A alone.

Here are a few other versions I found on YouTube.

Here’s a version by Oisín MacDiarmada. I love the first tune as well. The feel of his playing on these tunes puts me a little off-kilter, in a good way:

A couple more: