An Fonn Seisiúin is Déanaí: Castle Kelly, Agus Port Eile Leis

This past week Ted was aour anchor again. I love having Ted as anchor–his energy and enthusiasm for the music is wonderful and infectious, and he’s been loads of places and has loads of stories about musicians and venues. As they say in Irish–“Bíonn siúlach scéalach.”

This week Ted taught us a reel calle Castle Kelly, which turned out to be alot of fun to play on the fiddle, maybe because it’s in A (dorian I believe). After learning the tune, he suggested we play The Boyne Hunt before it as a set and that was very good indeed. He also mentioned that it’s pretty common for Rolling in the Ryegrass to be played after The Boyne Hunt, so we informally learned that tune just by playing it over and over until we all pretty much had it. So there’s no official recording of the tune, but I’ll maybe record one myself and put it up just so we can say “it’s on the list!” (Right Andy?)

So here are a couple examples from the Tube of You of Castle Kelly:

Ah, the Tulla Céilí Band!

This one’s interesting–Katie Henderson, who does “A Fiddle Tune a Day” and is really an excellent fiddler, with her band–Ampersand. Can you name the tune that follows it without looking at the description?

And here’s a nice version of “Rolling in the Ryegrass”.