Tommy O’Sullivan House Concert, Friday, 2/21/2014

ImageCome to hear Tommy O’Sullivan sing & play in front of the fireplace at a house concert in Fairfield, CT at 8PM…the house concert is 15 minutes north of the Merritt Pkwy in bucolic Redding, CT…write to reserve and for exact location.

Acclaimed as “one of the great contemporary folk voices of Ireland”. Tommy O’Sullivan, “stellar guitarist”, has remained one of the hidden treasures of traditional Irish music for many years. for tickets and info

Slow Practice

5mph-2079A few of you know that I recently decided to torture myself slowly by attempting to learn to play the fiddle. I’ll be torturing everyone around me, more to the point. I told our anchor TJ about it last night after after the session, and he told me I should practice very slowly to make sure my form and technique are correct. I’ve been thinking about this idea for awhile, so I resolved to write a post about it, and as I searched the web for inspiration, I discovered that a bunch of people have already done it for me! So rather than have my own child here, I’m going to adopt.

I will say that I am really, really bad at making myself play slowly. I want to play “up to speed” because I want to participate in “real” sessions as soon as possible. It turns out that you can do that sooner if you practice slow.

Here are a couple great posts on other blogs about slow practice, each of which have references to other sources, which I recommend you check out.

The Bulletproof Musician

The Musician’s Way Blog

The bloke in this video has some smashing advice:

I challenge you all to make a point of practicing slowly, and while you’re at it, re-read the post I wrote about practicing with a metronome. Also look back at the post about apps for tune learning and identification whcih includes links to a couple of slow-downer type apps. Playing along with actual music, but slowly, is a great way to keep your practice musical. Not mentioned in that post are a slew of other apps and programs for slowing down music, such as Audacity (mac or pc, free), The Amazing Slowdowner (app, not free), and Transcribe (mac or pc, not free), to name but a few of the more popular ones.