An Port is Déanaí–The Ormond Sound

ImageI have been learning a handful of tunes lately, but the latest is The Ormond Sound reel–a lovely, slightly complicated tune written by a gentleman named Paddy O’Brien (1922-1991), an accordion and fiddle player from County Tipperary. Though the title of the tune makes you think of a body of water, it actually refers to the sound of the Ormond Céilí Band, which was led by Mr. O’Brien. Click HERE for more information about Paddy O’Brien.



Second tune here, at about 1:10:

On solo flute:

Anyone interested in more of Paddy O’Brien’s compositions will find this compilation, published shortly after his death, of interest.

A Miracle in Holyoke


I am pleased to announce that the LVBIS has a new home! In a miraculous last-minute occurence, and after many days of searching and many phone calls, only to be disappointed, one lead has brought me to a new space for the session!

I prefer people to contact me directly for the address, so I won’t post it here (please contact me through this website’s contact page if you are interested) but it is very close by where the session is normally held, and we were able to keep our Wednesday 7 -9 pm schedule, so I am happy that we won’t lose anyone due to a schedule or location change. I am also excited that we will have some very nice amenities as part of the deal–tables, chairs, restrooms, a sound system, projector, kitchenette with hot and cold drinks and of course ample space! I can see us holding workshops, lectures, master classes, and whatever else we might imagine. This space opens up many possibilities for growth. We will pay a “fee” but it is a donation-based system (sound familiar?) so it will be very affordable both now and in the future when, who knows, we can hopefully afford to donate more.

To me–it still seems a little too good to be true. But, I have faith it’ll work out.

Our first session in the new space is scheduled for April 9th. Hope to see you all there!


Caitlín nic Gabhann and Ciarán Ó Maonaigh in Montague, MA–March 11

Hot Irish fiddle and concertina tunes, plus musicians’ workshops!

Award-winning musicians in their own right, Caitlín Nic Gabhann & Ciarán Ó Maonaigh are quickly becoming one of the foremost duets in Ireland today. Their music & dance is rooted in the tradition; full of spirit, soul and life. Together on fiddle, concertina and dance, they breath fire into traditional tunes, combining the two arts with enough chemistry and energy to fire a small steam engine. This tour will be their first as a performing duo in the United States.

Tuesday 11 March
28 Center St Montague Mass

6:00 pm * musicians workshops
— two workshops: concertina and fiddle

7:30 pm * potluck
— if you’re not in a workshop, arrive earlier with food to share!

8:00pm * concert

suggested donations
$15 workshop
$10-20 sliding scale concert
$25 workshop & concert

This will be a rare opportunity to hear two of the best young performers of Irish traditional music. Expect a lively and energetic performance on fiddle and concertina from musicians from Ireland, Caitlín Nic Gabhann and Ciarán Ó Maonaigh. The concert will also feature traditional step dancing from Caitlín, who has toured with Riverdance. Both were raised in musical households – Ciarán comes from the well-known Ó Maonaigh family in Donegal’s Gaeltacht, Gaoth Dobhair, and both of Caitlín’s parents are enthusiasts – her father, a fiddler and her mother, a dancer. This concert will get your foot tapping and your heart racing! Not to be Missed!

We will teach Irish traditional tunes at a pace that suits the class. Best if the learners have been playing for a couple of years. We will help with any technical issues, bad habits, how to hold the instrument properly, correct fingering etc and answer any questions they may have. If the learners are able, we will touch on more advanced features of traditional music such as ornamentation, chords, position work, and double stopping. Fiddle workshop will be taught by ear (no notation). Please bring along a recording device and pen & paper if you wish.

(Workshops will be at the same time, in different spaces.)

Niamh ni Charra Trio @ Newtown, CT Meeting House

ImageFri 3/7 8PM, tickets $20

For more information go to

Niamh Ni Charra (pronounced Neeve Nee Harra), an Irish fiddle, concertina player and vocalist hails from Killarney, Ireland, where she began playing music at age 4. A multiple award winner on both fiddle and concertina, she delighted audiences with her fiery fiddling, fancy footwork and dazzling smiles for 8 years as a soloist in over 2500 Riverdance shows before returning to live in Ireland.

This event is also on the LVBIS calendar.