An Fonn is Déanaí a d’Fhoghlaim Mé–Timmy Clifford’s Jig

I had a fiddle lesson today (always a pleasure, thanks Amanda!) and learned Timmy Clifford’s jig, in G. It starts right down at the lowest note on the fiddle, so it’s great for getting used to hanging out on that G string. (tee hee!) It’s got plenty of opportunity for rolls, too, if you need to practice those. I was thinking it might be good to follow it with Jerry’s Beaver Hat. Look that one up yourself!

Here are two fine examples of Timmy Clifford’s, gleaned from the Tube of You.


An Fonn is Déanaí–The Maid in the Meadow

While I was at the session at Dempsey’s in the Big Apple, (that’s a nickname for New York City, not the latest tech gadget!) I of course heard a few tunes I hadn’t heard before, one of which is a tune called “The Maid in the Meadow.” It’s one of those tunes I’d heard a million times recorded and at sessions. If I remember correctly, my NY friends played it in a set with Jerry’s Beaver Hat, just like in this video featuring Paddy Hayes and Brian Rooney.

An Fonn is Déanaí–Muckross Abbey (Mulvihil’s Reel) (aka Callahan’s?)

Muckross Abbey is located in Killarney National Park, Ireland.

Muckross Abbey is located in Killarney National Park, Ireland.

Our anchor this week taught us a tune which he called “Callahan’s Reel.” This same tune is on a classic album on which Pádraig O’Keefe, Julia Clifford and Denis Murphy play lot’s of great polkas, slides, jigs and reels, as well as a few airs. Track number two is a set in which a tune called Muckross Abbey is followed by one called Mulvihil’s, both reels. One of “Muckross Abbey’s” other names is Mulvihil’s Reel–a prime example of the confusion to be found in Irish tune names!

To add to the confusion, at least my own,’s entry for this tune ( does not list “Callahan’s” as one of its names. Now, I’m pretty sure our anchor knows his stuff, so I’m just going to utter the classic “huh” and move on.

It’s a scorcher of a reel–lots of notes, lots of repetition, lots of drive. Here are a couple examples fro the “Tube of You.”

Patrick Street perform it here, third in a set. This band included one of my favorite fiddlers right now, Mr. Kevin Burke–great, great player. If the vid doesn’t do it automatically, you can find Mulvihil’s at 2:30.

Ah! Look what I found: Starts at 3:15.

And, in case you’re interested in Muckross Abbey–go HERE, and/or watch this video!