Session @ Blessed Sacrament Church, Northampton, MA

This past Friday was the first session hosted by father Francis O’Reilly at the Blessed Sacrament Church on Elm St. in Northampton. Pizza and cookies of some sort were provided by the generous Father, however, I don’t know if that will continue. Yum, though.

It was a fun time. Three of our own LVISS members were there, including myself, but for the most part there were only one or two others that I personally knew. And, like all big sessions (in America, anyway) there were various skill levels represented. Most were reticent to start tunes, but the LVISS came through with at least two or three of our standard sets. Go LVISS!

There was some singing as well-the Father, it turns out, has a very nice voice and some skill on the guitar. Speaking of guitars, my one serious complaint would be that there were too many stringed accompaniment instruments playing at once, and too few melody instruments.

I’d encourage you to try this session out. It’s very unsure of itself musically right now having only just begun, but with a few dedicated members it could be well turn out to be a fine session.

First Fridays at the Blessed Sacrament Church, 354 Elm St, Northampton, MA. 7-9:30 pm.