Na Poirt Seisiúin is Déanaí–The Galway/Mr’s Crotty’s

This past session we learned TWO hornpipes. Inspired by my last blog post, our friend Amanda decided it’d be nice to teach one, but like a good anchor, came ready with two. We had some extra time, and a little brain power, left over after the Galway, so we went ahead and learned Mr’s Crotty’s. They’re actually a nice pairing, so try them out together–The Galway first sounds nice.

Here’s a dude pluckin’ The Galway out of a banjo:

And of course, you can’t beat Youtube user Concertinette! Here she plays Mrs. Crotty’s on the instrument it’s meant to be played on:

Eddie Duffy’s Barndance and Lawson’s Hornpipe

Here are a couple of other fine examples of the tunes we learned at our last session. Thanks to Ben for teaching them to us!

This one was called “Jimmy Duffy’s” by Ted and Ben, but I found it under “Eddie Duffy’s” both on youtube and HERE at

Here’s Lawson’s, played on the píobaí uilleann. It starts at 1:30.