Brendan Tonra

This week we learned a jig from Kira called “Tonra’s Jig,” sometimes called “Tone Row’s” or “Tony Rowe’s” or various things like that. It was composed by Brendan Tonra, who emigrated to the states from Gowland, County Mayo in Ireland and spent over 4 decades as a resident of Boston, Massachusetts. Many of his tunes are collected in a book called “A Musical Voyage with Brendan Tonra.” He passed away in 2014.

Tonra’s Jig is a real jem of a tune. It has, to my ear, an easy, casual feel, and if you’re a fiddler you get to go down into the area below low D, which is always a treat!

A couple examples from YouTube:

For further reading, please see:

Brendan on the Irish Tune Composers Pages

Brendan’s obituary.



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