Fonn Seisiúin is Déanaí–The Old Flail

Here are two great examples of the tune we learned this past session–The Old Flail jig. Ted also introduced us to a tune that often appears before it called The Whistler at the Wake. Both tunes were written by Vincent Broderick, a Galway man, musician and composer who passed away in 2008.. (You can find recordings of both tunes in the TUNES section of the website.)

This first is Caitlín Nic Gabhann and Ciarán Ó Mhaonaigh–I saw these two at a house concert once, by the way–amazing! The old Flail is the second tune.

Next up is one of my top three favorite fiddlers, MacDara Ó Raghallaigh, playing a set including The Haunted House, Whistler at the Wake, and The old Flail. Amazing variations going on here. All three tunes are Vincent Broderick tunes! Thanks, Mr. B!

Extra little bit of reading on Vincent Broderick here.



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