An Fonn is Déanaí–The Lads of Laois

So, I started fiddle lessons again, and wouldn’t the first tune my teacher teaches me be The Lads of Laois. I mean, I classify tunes in lots of ways. some of them are simple and repetitive. And others are complex and rambling. Some are best played simply, others are like textbook examples of every ornamental technique in the book. The Lads of Laois is like the latter; if you want to practice your triplets, long rolls, short rolls, cuts, cross bowing, figure eights, and more, then this is the tune for you. Oh yeah, and it goes down to the low A on the G string. I highly recommend it. Played slow or fast it’s an epic tune.

So here, a dhaoine uasail, The Lads of Laois! On this one Kevin Burke is the fiddler. This is in fact the version my teacher taught me:

And if you were wondering how to get that low A on a whistle, here’s a whistle version:

Some discussion HERE on




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