Lucy Farr’s Barndance

A couple sessions back I taught a tune called Lucy Farr’s Barndance, which was taught to me by my good friend and our own anchor Amanda. . It is said that Lucy Farr herself (who recorded it on her album entitles Hearth and Home) called the tune “The Kilnamona Barndance.”  (see

Lucy has an interesting story, steeped in the musical tradition of Ireland’s county Galway (condae na Gaillimhe.) See for more info on her life and music, and a little insight into what was going on in the social scene of the time.

So, a couple videos. First one of the tune itself, played by user “Concertinette” on youtube.

Next, Lucy Farr herself, talking and playing.



2 thoughts on “Lucy Farr’s Barndance

  1. Iontach ar fad. Is breá liom an port sin a Mhairc cé nach bhfuil sé agam go fóill. Tá aithne agam ar an bhean “Concertinette” agus is ceoltóir iontach í; sheinn mé an consairtín sin nuair a bhí muid i nGaillimh. Bhain mé neart suilt as an fhíseán le Lucy chomh maith, go raibh maith agat as sin.

    Fantastic. I love this tune even though I don’t know it yet. I know the woman in the first clip and she’s a fine musician. I greatly enjoyed the clip with Lucy Farr as well. Thanks!

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