First Workshop–Success! Second Workshop–Here It Comes!

I am happy to announce that our first ever LVBIS workshop was a success! There were six people in attendance, including myself, but not including Armand and his entourage–his friend (and our anchor) Ben came up with him. So nine in the room altogether. Armand demonstrated how to play Irish polkas with that unmistakable polka pulse, and how to apply the same technique to other tune types. It really is amazing how easy it is to improve your playing when someone simply shows you how things work–I think we all felt like our playing has improved as a result.

Our second workshop is to be a dancing one, teaching how to do Irish set dancing, and for session members it’ll be an opportunity to sit in with the musicians and feel what it’s like to play for dancers at speed–to feel and see the rhythm we are all trying to emulate when we play. It’s one thing to be told, but another to be THERE!

Hope you all can make Workshop Number Two!

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