An Fonn is Déanaí–An Phis Fhliuch

I love this tune. It’s a popular slip jig with 5 parts. Not at all a difficult tune on the concertina, though it sounds like a piping tune to me.

“Now, what,” you may ask, “is the meaning of the title?”

Oh ho. There you’ve opened a can of worms! Well, “pis” literally means “pea,” as in the vegetable, but adding fliuch (meaning “wet”) adds a layer of, shall we say, innuendo. click HERE to read the discussion of the tune’s title over at

Played by a Japanese piper (Irish music is pretty well loved over there–I should do a blog on that!)

Here played by yours truly:

And here played by Zoe Conway and Meabh O’Hare (& friend). (I got a chuckle out of the tune choices in this set, knowing the meaning of An Phis Fhliuch. That plus the fact that the lass has this look on her face as she says it.

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