A Miracle in Holyoke


I am pleased to announce that the LVBIS has a new home! In a miraculous last-minute occurence, and after many days of searching and many phone calls, only to be disappointed, one lead has brought me to a new space for the session!

I prefer people to contact me directly for the address, so I won’t post it here (please contact me through this website’s contact page if you are interested) but it is very close by where the session is normally held, and we were able to keep our Wednesday 7 -9 pm schedule, so I am happy that we won’t lose anyone due to a schedule or location change. I am also excited that we will have some very nice amenities as part of the deal–tables, chairs, restrooms, a sound system, projector, kitchenette with hot and cold drinks and of course ample space! I can see us holding workshops, lectures, master classes, and whatever else we might imagine. This space opens up many possibilities for growth. We will pay a “fee” but it is a donation-based system (sound familiar?) so it will be very affordable both now and in the future when, who knows, we can hopefully afford to donate more.

To me–it still seems a little too good to be true. But, I have faith it’ll work out.

Our first session in the new space is scheduled for April 9th. Hope to see you all there!



3 thoughts on “A Miracle in Holyoke

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