“When the Cat’s Away, The Mice will Play,” and Names from a Hat

ImageAs you may know if you’re on the mailing list or a member of the Facebook group, at the last session we managed to have a great time reviewing and playing many of the tunes we have learned so far without any anchor present!  I am so proud of all of us–going out on out own like that without anyone holding our hands! Now, this is NOT to belittle the anchors and all they do for us–au contraire, mes amis, we wouldn’t be here without them . So a great big thanks to all you anchors!


NOW, we had so much fun doing this anchor-less session, and we gained so much from playing the tunes with each other, that we’ve decided to actually schedule anchor-less sessions once every couple of months, or whenever there’s no available anchor!

Also, you all may remember that I came up with that brilliant idea whereby each of us would come up with a set, using only the tunes we have learned at the session Then, at each meeting we would randomly pick a name “from a hat” as it were, and that person would lead us in their set. Well, this past session, we collectively came up with a way to make this a little easier on everyone. Here’s the run-down of the new scheme:

  • We will all come up with a good set. Remember–keep the tune type consistent (no reels and jigs in the same set) and try to make the key change interesting too.
  • We will choose a person randomly. This will be the session before that person will lead us in the set.
  • The Chosen One will inform us (via email, through me, on the Facebook group) of what the tunes are once they are certain of their choices.
  • We will all practice these tunes specifically in preparation for the Chosen One’s moment of glory.
  • At the next session, the Chosen One will lead us all in the set, and ONWARD INTO GLORY!


This way we are at least practiced up on the tunes in question. That should make the leader’s job even easier, and make the tunes sound better.


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