The Road to Redican’s Mother (who happens to be in Lisdoovarna)

Thought I’d share a couple vids of the tunes that Ben was kind enough to teach us this past session–The Road to Lisdoovarna–or Lisdoonvarna–from the Irish “Lios Dúin Bheárna” meaning “The enclosure at the fort of the gap” and the name of a town in County Clare. It’s very difficult to find the reel version on youtube–everyone seems to know the slide, but this is a good version of the reel on accordion.

Here is a version of Redican’s Mother, which we also learned las session, and which I am guessing was a composition of Larry Redican’s. I think this version will inspire all of us who attend the slow session!

Whenever there’s a name associated with a tune, it’s always very interesting to learn a bit about the person who’s behind the name. For an interesting snapshot of Larry Redican’s life, see his son’s account of life in the Redican household in New York City: Also, there is a youtube channel ( ) that has been started by whom I believe to be Larry’s son, Larry junior. I could be wrong about that, though. In any case, whoever it is has transferred old house recording’s of Larry Sr. playing his own compositions, among other things. Here’s one of the videos:


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