Edel Fox and Neill Byrne at Willy Clancy Week, 2013

Edel Fox is one of those players who’s so good she looks bored when she plays. OK, that’s not entirely true, but she really makes it look effortless. Not sure the tunes here, (Ted says below the first tune is McGibbney’s Fancy) but apparently it’s an odd little roving recording studio set up by Clare FM and this was recorded during Willie Clancy Week in Milltown Malbay, Clare.

(more about Willie Clancy Week: http://www.willieclancyfestival.com/)


4 thoughts on “Edel Fox and Neill Byrne at Willy Clancy Week, 2013

  1. I look bored?? I am never bored when I play! That is just my natural expression when I concentrate!!!! “Whoever” is an outstanding, well-known and highly respected fiddle player named Neill Byrne from Co. Waterford. His name is everywhere these days as we have a new CD out entitled “The Sunny Banks”.

    • My apologies Edel, for my flip comments–you are one of my favorites, and I meant no disrespect whatsoever. My “jokes” are not always funny to those who don’t know me. Your relaxed look as you play is a stark contrast to my look–which is probably either slack-jawed or some other ridiculous contortion worthy of the circus. And I can see your engagement with the music in the way you move–it’s really a pleasure to watch you play! All respect to Mr. Byrne as well, whose face and playing I recognise, but was too lazy to research his name when I posted this. So again, deepest apologies and I wish you and Mr. Byrne the best!

      Who is the guitarist, by the way? I’d love to include his name in the title too. Is he on your new album as well?

  2. First tune, McGibbney’s Fancy. One of my favorites. And the ‘music face’ issue. That’s one we could have a conversation about sometime. I’m sure your music face is not a conscious choice, so be thankful if yours isn’t bizarre.

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