Good News, Bad News–a New Space, and a Cancellation

Hi folks, good news and bad news–first the good news: we have a new space to try on for size! It’s in Holyoke, in an old mill building called The Wauregan down in the canal area, near Open Square. Here’s a google map:

and a street view: the building in question is the one dead center with the big white sign. Park in that fenced -in parking lot and you’re good to go.
I spoke to Scott O’Reilly, the owner of the building, some months ago, and the space he had on offer then was not really workable, but I think this new space could work. He’s agreed to let us try it and see how we like it–no obligations at all. And best of all–he thinks what we’re doing is really interesting and he doesn’t want to charge us for the space!
It isn’t air conditioned (but neither is my house) and we’ll have to pay special attention to the acoustics, because it’s a lot bigger than my studio and has no sound treatment. We’ll need to bring our own chairs, as usual–I’ll bring my 4 folding chairs and you all can bring whatever you have. Also, the lighting is pretty dim, not sure how it looks at night, but we’ll see. No pun intended.
Now—the bad news: I have to cancel the session this week because we’re doing some work on the floors up there, and all of the crap from our bedroom and hallways is in the studio! definitely not room for a session in there! Unfortunately, we can’t use the Wauregan space this week, but we’ll pick up again in two weeks, at “Wauregan building No. 1” down by the canal. Once you pull into the parking lot of the Wauregan, you cant miss the HUGE sign on Bldg. #1, trust me. 
So there ya go. Good and “bad” or, not so bad really. We’ll see each other again. Just not this week. :(

 please email me if you have any questions! or call 413 two one eight two three nine two


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