The West Clare Railway

west clare railwayThe link below is a reel we learned at the Northeast Concertina Workshop this April 13th in greenfield, MA. (See for more info on the workshop!)  Not too hard to play, but has a nice sound–like a train pulling out of the station, or if you play it fast, like a train at full steam! Enjoy!

WEST CLARE RAILWAY played by Flo Fahy.

From Wikipedia:
The West Clare Railway (WCR) originally operated in County Clare, Ireland between 1887 and 1961, and has partially re-opened. This 3 ft (914 mm)gauge narrow gauge railway ran from the county town of Ennis, via numerous stopping-points along the West Clare coast to two termini, at Kilrush andKilkee (the routes diverging at Moyasta Junction). The system was the last operating narrow gauge passenger system in Ireland and connected with themainline rail system at Ennis, where a station still stands today for bus and train services to Limerick and Galway. Intermediate stops included EnnistymonLahinch and Milltown Malbay. A preservation society maintains a railway museum, and has successfully re-opened a section of the railway as a passenger-carrying heritage line.

3 thoughts on “The West Clare Railway

  1. Such a great tune! And this is a nice click-clacky version of it. I’ve been working on it out of Jr. Crehan’s book (he wrote the tune) after hearing Anthony Santoro the piper in VT play it several times (each of which I would whip out my little book and pen and say, ‘what tune was THAT?’

  2. I’d love to hear your version of it! In fact, we should play it next time we can. I’m dying to try it out with someone else.

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