Teaching ornaments

ImageOne of our members asked me today an interesting question about whether she might be able to request specific tunes for learning, so that she could dig a little deeper into the issue of ornamenting those specific tunes. I hadn’t given that issue a lot of thought, but this is my reply:

as for teaching ornamentation–if we get TOO into that we’ll be missing the real core point of the session–to learn tunes and learn to play with other people. I agree that learning specific ornamentation for specific tunes is important, but I feel that’s more the realm of an individual lesson, and I hope to avoid too much of it. if the anchor teaches the bones of the tune with a couple suggested ornaments thrown in as he goes along that’s the way to do it i think–everyone can adapt the ornaments to their instrument. it’s hard to play a tune with NO ornaments anyway, as you often need to articulate between notes with a cut/tap/roll/tonguing/crann or what have you, so they will be a natural result of playing the tune properly anyway, i should think.

What do you think?


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