Apps for tune learning and identification

tunepal imageHi folks. We talked about Tunepal, which is a great app (I hear-I don’t actually have it yet!) for identifying and learning tunes. Well worth the less-than-five-bucks–and you can use your device’s microphone to record a snippet of a tune you don’t know the name of, and it will search a number of databases to find the most likely match. :)

For the android users out there:

For the iOS users:

Also, here are two android apps for slowing down your tune files. They’re free!ASC (audio speed changer) will slow own, speed up, and loop sections of your tunes. no pitch change though so you’re stuck with the tuning of the original recording:

Audioshift will change speed and pitch up or down, and has a much more user-friendly user interface:

Both apps have a free version and a paid version with enhanced features. I personally use ASC more than Audioshift.

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